MINISTER FAITHE, LCSW  is a Native of Pinewood, SC and currently resides in Decatur, Alabama. She is the blessed mother of Tyler Sigh. Minister Faithe holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Religion. She also holds a Masters in the field of Social Work with an emphasis in Community Mental Health. She  is currently a licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Called at a young age, Minister Faithe has been involved in ministry for over thirty years. She is known for her expertise in deliverance, soul work  and empowering others to operate in their God-given authority. She is the author of one of the most transformational deliverance books on the face of the planet, You Already Know, You Can’t Build on a Demonic Foundation.

Minister Faithe’s international ministry resume includes: Canada, Bermuda, Australia, Africa, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Budapest, Hungary and the Virgin Islands. ​Minister Faithe’s mission is to act as a catalyst in helping individuals who have lost track of their identity and authority to navigate their way back to purposeful living via infusing them with spiritual warfare principles designed to propel them forward in power.

Minister Faithe is the founder of the powerful and explosive ministry, The Power Pusher Ministries International. She teaches monthly spiritual warfare classes where she specializes in the lives of her students as she commits to helping them break free from the root up. She is known and respected for her no nonsense approach to ministry. Minister Faithe delights in helping others heal by guiding and pushing them to the root of their oppression, addressing their soul wounds and soul ties. Her greatest rest is found in seeing bloodline changers connected to her ministry break free from oppression (caused by but not exclusive to generational curses) walk into a life of abundance.

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