Marriage Declaration 

We decree and declare that our marriage is healthy and whole with nothing lacking. My spouse and I are on one accord and operating in harmony. All outside distractions are banned from entering our home and causing confusion. The tricks of the enemy are exposed and shall not take root. When life hands us challenges, we beseech God as a team anticipating Supernatural strategy to weather the storm.

In our home, we have an endless love supply. We are quick to acknowledge our short comings and ask for forgiveness. We have no room for the cancerous presence of unforgiveness and resentment. We accept each other for who we are and celebrate our differences. 

I am the woman that he prayed for and he is the man that I dreamed of. We refuse to abuse and mishandle each other because he is my gift and I am his. 

We lovingly and tenderly give our bodies one to another for pleasure. His body is ordained to bless me and like so. No other is allowed to enter our sacred and oh so blessed exchanged. 

Our relationship is not perfect but it is blessed. We are a living testament that marriage is beautiful, powerful, and full time ministry. 


The Purpose Pusher 


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