Hands Lifted

In the name of Jesus, I lift my hands to thee as a sign of surrender and acknowledgement that you are my God. I evoke your presence with my praise and worship. Spirit of the living God fall fresh on me. 

Many may say that they are not worthy but I AM WORTHY because of your blood sacrifice. I’ve not known you to make bad investments. I am a sound investment. 

Therefore, I come boldly to your throne that I may receive mercy and a fresh renewal of your power that worketh in me. 

I confess my sins and renounce them. I apologize for choosing vanity, pride and rebellion over your holy and righteous ways. I renounce the ways of this world for this world is at enmity with you.

I decree and declare that from this very moment, I will seek you first and your righteousness. I decree and declare that my life will reflect your kingdom and my worship will ascend as a sweet savor. 

I decree and declare that I have total peace and victory in you. I decree and declare that my heritage is rich. 

My court case is settled and ruled in my favor. My marriage is repaired. My finances are in perfect alignment. I have more than enough to sustain my household and to invest in kingdom business. My health is perfect and my children are in position to demonstrate success. I decree and declare that my Godly mate is on the way. 

All setbacks and delays are repelled, NOW! There is no lack in any area of my life for Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory! 

 Game Changers say, Amen!  


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