Dear Future Hubby

Dear Future Husband 👨🏾,
You are a mighty man of God. You are strong and gentle. You are the head and not the tail. You are a priest. You are perceptive and filled with the power of the Holy Ghost. You are kind and thoughtful. You are a great provider, keeper and friend. You are passionate, compassionate, commanding and driven. You are a great listener and lover. You are patient and soft spoken. You are analytical and careful. You pay attention to detail and make others feel loved. You are healing and hope. You are encouragement. You are intelligent and have a keen eye for greatness. You are a KING and the apple of our father’s eyes. You have the strength of an eagle and nothing shall be denied unto you. You are the righteousness of God seated in heavenly places. You are forgiven for your transgressions. You are a family man. You are incapable of going under. You are worthy of love on all levels. You are trustworthy. For these reasons, I call you forth to rise into your rightful place. You are a WARRIOR on assignment for the God that you serve.

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