Can you hear?!

Ladies, I know that I’m posting a lot this morning. Every time that I put my phone down, the Holy Spirit keeps feeding me. This pic is for someone. Yes, you are the prize! And yes, that man that you’re seeing is your God ordained mate. Believe what you see in the spirit. It is God.HOWEVER, he is on the verge of losing you because of his inability so hear God. If you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that this post is for you … Seal your lips. Stop crying and start walking your floor. Turn your plate down and war against the spirits of the octopus and delay. Command his spiritual eyes and ears to be opened. Tackle it in the spirit realm. He doesn’t quite see as clearly as he should. You are NOT the woman that he wants to get away. You are a gift and he will NEVER find another like you. Without you interceding on a higher level, he will cry many tears of regret. Look past him and see it in the spirit realm. That’s where you WILL WIN THIS BATTLE!


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