Meet Markeida🙋🏾
At one point In her life she fed into the lie that she had to play the part in order to secure her God ordained mate. Playing the part included all of society’s rules pertaining to beauty and social acceptance. Embarrassingly enough, she chased instead of being pursued.  
The Holy Spirit dropped into her spirit one fine morning that she’s the PRIZE🎉🎉🎉. 

A woman of God. An Intercessor. Beautiful according to God’s standards. Imperfect but perfect through him. She’s loving, caring, gentle and nurturing ; possessing the ability to cut and mend. A family woman. A woman with clean hands and pure motives. A woman whose truest desire is to please God and make a difference in a sin infested world. A woman who knows how to stretch a dollar and prepare a meal to nourish. She’s not lazy or snooty. She’s humble and giving. She desires NOTHING that her father can’t provide. There is NO LACK in her camp. THIS WOMAN is the PRIZE. THIS WOMAN is a GIFT to ONE WORTHY MAN! 
All that she has to do to attract her God ordained mate is to keep seeking FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness. And SURELY her God given mate shall be added unto her. 


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