I have a heart for healthy relationships and marriages ❤️❤️❤️ 
In the name of Jesus, I decree and declare that every ungodly relationship and soul tie will BREAK within the next 14 days. Man of God, no more crying and no more being used. Woman of God, no more begging for love and down playing your anointing for attention’s sake!!! 
I pray that the veil of Jesus will hide each of you while you come into an unshakable and life changing knowledge of who you are in Christ. 
I decree and declare that walking in purity in deed and mind will be your delight; because you dare not offend your God. 
I command every generational curse breaker and defender of the bloodline to arise and take your rightful place. You shall NOT repeat the relational cycles of your bloodline. I blood block the curse! 
You shall get married to your God ordained mate. The spirit of divorce shall NOT draw nigh unto thee. Your home will embody peace and be the go to place for angels to dwell. You shall have the real deal! Because of Jesus, It is so! 🙌🏾 


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