Off Limits! 

Here’s the deal✔️:Sweetie, if he’s married, HE’S OFF LIMITS😱. 

If he’s separated, HE’S OFF LIMITS😭. If his divorce is NOT finalized, he’s STILL considered married in the natural and spirit realm. Therefore, he’s OFF LIMITS😫. 

Unfortunately, not all marriages last. However, let it not be said in heaven that you caused the demise of a marriage😯. If things aren’t reconcilable at home, let the process complete itself before the laying on of hands commence ✔️. Before the name it and claim it process explodes, seek for God’s clearance to go forth! 🙌🏾 Otherwise, YOU’RE OUT of ORDER😤! Woman after God’s heart, if he’s for you, give him some breathing room to do it the right way. 🙌🏾

Listen, I know that this message is hard to digest but it’s for your divine good. 🙌🏾 

When you try to build on a faulty foundation, you give the enemy the legal right to attack and destroy the relationship before it has a chance to thrive. 👹

Regardless of your “feelings” on the matter, God respects covenant. He respects “HER” as his wife. Not only does society view you as “the other woman” so does all of heaven. Christ did NOT die for you to parade such a “below your rank” status. The devil IS A LIAR! 🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️
 I implore you TODAY to TEAR DOWN the demonic alter that you’ve erected. Backup and do things in order. Repent! You MUST HAVE a clean heart and clean hands in order to avoid becoming a demonic statistic. 🙌🏾🙏🏾

And by the way, to snag the man and walk down the aisle does not make you a winner. Marrying your God ordained mate makes you a winner✔️!
Lastly, to ignore and reject this warning is to invite curses upon your life simply because you’re out of order. To KNOWINGLY give demons the legal right to attack your mind, emotions, finances, family, health AND marital destiny is spiritual suicide! ❤️🙌🏾 Ask me how I know?! 😇 Testimony coming to a pulpit near you! Ha! The Purpose Pusher loves YOU!  


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