August Prophetic Word

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August 2018 Prophetic Word ❤️

While the country is trying to figure out if KeKe loves them, Ciara challenged us to Level Up! 🤷🏽‍♀️ Ha! In all actually, Abba DEMANDS that we LEVEL UP!!!

Hello August🙌🏾

August is the eighth month and eight is the number of new beginnings. And yes, you are headed into a realm of new beginnings. Not in the sense of starting over but in the sense of transferring from one phase in life into a completely different phase.

For example: from poverty to prosperity😉 from single to engaged 💍from tormented to delivered🔥👏🏾 from renting to owning 🏡.
In the language of the spirit realm, you’re not changing jobs but rather, positions😁. Take that old record from off of repeat because it’s time to play, sing and dance to a new tune🎼.

For those of you who have been consistent and diligent before God in pursuit of your dreams, you will indeed level up this month. 🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾 While others were playing, you were sowing into your future and it’s time to level up in preparation for your next level harvest. Your next level harvest will NOT resemble the former that you’re accustomed to. 🤗 The slothful will have something to say but only weigh the words of those who have leveled up.🤦🏽‍♀️

Business owners, five words …
Rise. Revamp. Reposition. Reintroduce. Restore. 🤔

Dreamer, you are about to rub shoulders with destiny carriers who will welcome the totality of who you are. You have what they need in your belly and they have what you need in theirs. The exchange will be balanced and beneficial. Expect powerful kingdom connections outside of the four walls of the church to be made. You will NOT have to MAKE them happen. The connects will occur naturally. 👊🏾 So be natural!
(That’s good right there!!!😁)

Sugars, be sure to check your abandonment and rejection issues at the door for they can NOT go with you. They will speak level down ⤵️ to your elevation⤴️. And that my sugars, is NOT your portion.🔥

From this moment moving forward, level up by praying DARING prayers that demand the involvement of the supernatural’🙌🏾. Pray violent destiny unlocking prayers that send fire to diabolical forces. As long as your prayers are flowing from the heart of God, they MUST be answered. Find your power scripture and STAND on it! 🕺🏾

I also hear the Lord saying to remind you to relax💆🏻‍♀️. You’re too uptight and suspicious. You are so focused on the past and protecting yourself that you’re not living your best life. ABBA said to remind you that it’s His job to protect you. Your only duty is to remain connected and in a place where you can hear Him. Your promise is before you and not behind you. So Level Up! 💥

August is going to be a month of fun and a testing to see just how ready you are for success. Take every opportunity to bask in and emanate JOY! Seize every opportunity to study and WORK what ABBA gave ya! Your presence and voice is NEEDED in the earth realm so LEVEL UP!

Minister Faithe, LCSW

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