2023 Prophecy

Sitting quietly and seeking God regarding a word for 2023, I heard, “Better Days Are Coming.” There are those of you who have paid your dues in the realm of the spirit and you’re going to reap a beautiful harvest because you did not faint.

You’re tired and it seems that Satan was allowed to challenge your faith, hope and testimony as if God doesn’t exist. Oh but I hear the Lord saying, “Be of good cheer, for I have already stayed his hands. Better days are coming. Promised days are coming.”

Before placing your own spin on what your better days entail, KNOW that God is showing up in ways that will push HIS agenda. He’s specifically blessing areas of your life that applaud and accelerate HIS purposes and plans.

This year will not bring you pain and make you sweat like seasons past. You have staying power. You have matured. You see and hear clearer than EVER before. You are ready for better days because you’ve learned that God is your source and you have rights to ALL that’s His. You’re not a novice in him. You are now positioned to attract and keep what he releases.

I also hear the Lord say that better days are coming because you took the time to accurately assess what’s in your hands and what you must do to be fruitful. Yes, father is saying that you have a part to play in your better days and you know this quite well.

The Lord your God is settling old emotional accounts. What used to move and trip you up shall no more. You will see the traps and snares from afar off. Many of them you will laugh at and others, you will bounce right over. Your new response shall be, “I DON’T HAVE TIME.”

Abba father showed me that he’s raising many of you to become relevant voices in your territories. And to those of you whose families have adamantly denied that you are the generational breaker, your better days will usher in fruit that will demand their respect and lead many of them to truth. Be prepared. Increase your prayer life and the intensity of your Bible study. Father is also urging some of you to study how to effectively interact with people. You are anointed but unpolished.

Father says to tell those of you who’ve been putting in the work that healing looks good on you. Your healing is also another component that has qualified you for, Better Days! Why? Because you’re no longer giving the enemy within and without much to work with. You’ve been putting in the work and yes, your inner child is in the passenger seat. You and Holy Spirit are calling the shots just as Abba designed. Do you hear me?! Let me say it louder, BETTER DAYS ARE COMING.

Daddy is saying to make room. Be intentional about your peace. Whew! He’s also reminding us to be grateful and find opportunities to celebrate. Seize every opportunity to laugh and dance. Yesssssss, such acts will beckon unto your Better Days to bring MORE better days. Even as I type, I see angels of glee and joy dancing. After all, there is no party like a Holy Ghost party😉.

This is the year of nonstop celebrations. There will always be a reason to cheer. Do not allow past disappointments and traumas to challenge your Better Days. That soul stuff is not your portion. The word of God sates:

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10, KJV

“Better Days Are Coming”

If You Receive This Soul Prophecy, TYPE, Better Days Are Coming!

Markeida Faithe Ministries

The Power Pusher

“The Soul Prophet”

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