Familiar Spirits

Whew! Have you EVER?! I experienced such an occurrence over the Summer and it devastated and changed me. That day, I left the room knowing that I would never reenter it again. Homeboy had beeen deceived. Nevertheless, his truest sentiments came forward concerning me. He didn’t for a moment stop to consider that he was judging me based on a demonic assignment that tracked my life since childhood. Ha! I saw the familiar spirit show up. It literally smirked at me through him. 😈

Y’all, Familiar spirits are designed to keep you in low places (emotionally and physically) that THEY created and prophesied that you would never escape. They are the feeders of the bloodline sickness. When you trust to get besides yourself and break free, they will use WHOEVER has access to you to reel you back in! You’d better watch and be verrrry vigilant! As they say, it be your own people! 😉

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