You are worth it.

You are worth it. You are worth every sacrifice. You are worth every adjustment. You are worth being heard. You are worth being loved and appreciated. You are worth every compliment. You are worth the rules being bent. You are worth the room evolving around you. You are worth the applause and praise. You are worth eyes lighting up when you enter the room. You are worth hearts beating fast as you express wisdom. You are worth the splurge. You are worth fine dining and fine threads. You are worth quality sheets and expensive perfumes. You are worth the penthouse in Timesquare. You are worth the summer cottage on the lake. You are worth the most exquisite pair of diamond earrings. You are worth the finest cut of beef and the rarest glass of red. You are worth driving in luxury. You are worthy of tailor made designs. You are worthy of trips that expose you to the world and broaden your worldview. You You are worth dancing to Ella Fitzgerald on a rooftop encased with stringed lights. You are worth cashmere sweaters and soft flowy pajamas. You are worth being made love to all night long. You are worthy of the fiercest shade of red lipstick and heels that make you strut your stuff. You are worthy of laughter that explodes from your belly. You are worthy of rocking a fit body. You are worthy of good times that are consistent. You are worthy of investing in your mental health by expressing exactly what’s on your mind. You are worthy of days off to do absolutely nothing. You are worthy of a tribe whom you can trust and count on. You are worthy of forgiveness and kindness. You are worthy of loads of money in the bank. You are worthy of being a blessing and receiving blessings. You are worthy of grace and mercy. You are worthy of starting over. You are worthy of cleaning up what you messed up. You are worthy of walking in truth and power.

Most of all, you are worthy of what Jesus Christ did for you on the cross. He did it so that you can rock a John 10:10 status. It’s up to you to create the life that resembles John 10:10!

The Power Pusher

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