You Heard God

Hey you! Snap out of it! Just because the situation that you KNOW was ordained by God didn’t work out doesn’t mean that you missed him. God gives us free will. And if any party involved decided to make a U -turn or veer off track, ordained or not, it was bound to fall apart. God does all that he can to lead us to where he can be glorified. However, he won’t make us stay. Even when the order is placed by God, all parties involved are responsible for working the middle.

Think about Eve. Our All Knowing God KNEW that she was going to mess up. Guess what! He created her anyway. He tried his best to prepare her for the impending test. SMH, Sis kicked her free will into gear and the rest is history.

Thankfully, that’s not where the story ends, our magnificent father made provisions for her mess up beforehand. Waaaay before Eve walked out her blunder, the plan of redemption was set in place. Ha! Thank You Jesus!

Tell Satan and his mocking spirits to shut up‼️ Don’t you dare doubt your ability to hear and be led by God Yes, you heard God correctly. You obeyed him. You had faith in his will and unfortunately, things still fell apart. Ha! I know that your heart is broken and your faith is bruised. You feel embarrassed and a carrier of disgrace. Oh sweet baby, lift up your head and dry those tears. Sugar, this one is NOT on you.

I hear a sound. Yesssss, it’s the sound of angels kicking into gear YOUR personal plan of redemption. Rejoice because Abba can’t fail. He will NOT let you go out like this. His reputation is on the line and he has a point to prove! Ha! Do your thang Abba!

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