Let God Reroute You

Ohhhhhh sweet sons and daughter of God, allow Abba to reroute you. 🚏⛔️🪧⛔️⚠️⛔️

In the realm of the spirit, I see many of you walking a path that leads to nowhere. You are on a path that God led you to but something happened. Things changed. Someone disappointed you. Someone stole from you. Someone betrayed you. You lost some things that God gave you. Something snatched your manifestation. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

You are confused because GOD SAID. I see you fighting and fighting. You’re fasting and praying but you’re not getting results. Just pause and breathe. God said to tell you that the route that leads to your destination and the reclaiming of what you’ve lost has changed. Satan has executed a new strategy.

The Saints of God learned to pray against delay and limbo and things began to happen. This time as things came into your hands, the enemy found loop holes through others that could touch you. My God‼️ He used the soul wounds and demonic powers residing in those attached to your manifestation to take from you. He had it out for you. Yessssss, you’re disappointed and upset. Ha! Abba wants to know if you will trust him enough to reroute you?

Abba see you fighting hard but he’s asking you to let go and take a different route. In all honesty, you’re fighting because you didn’t want to lose what you had rightfully won spiritually. Abba Father said to remind you that on the road of life, you can’t be held responsible for another person’s spiritual negligence. Just like your GPS does when the road ahead presents delay or danger, allow Abba to reroute you. It’s a promise. Better days are coming. Your redemption awaits you on your new route.

The Power Pusher
Your Soul Prophecy

2 responses to “Let God Reroute You”

  1. My God, I thought I was seeing things when I started receiving emails from you again. Once again I have no idea how this is happening but I count it as a TRUE BLESSING to see you again!!!

    MINISTER FAITHE!!!!! WOMAN OF GOD, I MISS YOU!!! WOW! I’m like where has she been? I went off the scene for a minute since my grandma passed. In 2021 I started coming back. Last year GOD MOVED MIGHTY. This year I reunite with MY POWER PUSHER… MY GOD TODAY… and this message…. I’ll just take a deep breathe for a SELAH moment.

    I just want to say HI. I know it is not a coincidence. This must be my sign that I need to have a SPIRITUAL CHECK UP…
    What a timely message.

    I Love You SIs, It’s great seeing you and I cant wait to catch up.


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