Sooooo, maybe you’ve taken my, Healing the Little Girl Within course, read a moving post or  read Volume 2 of my series, Love On Your Rank In God. Either way, you are convicted that you need work and SPECIALIZED time with me, your beloved, Power Pusher

Congratulations on recognizing such! Sis, that’s the way to rank up! There is nothing wrong with desiring and pursuing specialized attention to help develop your Queendom 👑. 

It occurred to me that high-value people from all around the world invest in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly therapeutic sessions. High-value people invest in their bodies by working out daily. High-value people invest in their mental capacity by studying daily. High-value people feed their spirit man daily. 


You are a high-value queen. Why not invest in your emotional wealth through a weekly therapeutic session?

As a Licensed Independant Clinical Social Worker, I’m at the top of my game and I’m awesome at what I do! It’s time for me to offer those of you who are committed to furthering your healing experience more options and access. 

Sis, healing and dealing is a process but moves so much smoother and faster with a midwife! Therefore, it  is with honor that I roll out my newest service …

     “Sisters Unpacking Their Baggage”

Yaaaaaas! You are invited to enroll in this exclusive therapeutic healing experience where for 6 weeks, I will work with you and nine others weekly in a group therapeutic setting. 

Details Please …

✔️Two Month Commitment  

✔️$155 (monthly) you will be billed monthly 

✔️WEEKLY(Two Hour Zoom Sessions)

✔️Consistent Time (Tuesdays 7:30pm-930pm)

✔️Start Date 4/11/23

✔️End Date   5/16/21

                Together We’ll …

♥️Identify Your Inner-Princess Type

♥️Analyze Your Personal Brand Belief System 

♥️Locate WHERE You’re Stuck Inwardly

♥️Confront the Caretaker-Princess 

♥️Dismantle The Curse Breaker’s Remorse 

♥️Examine WHY You Accept Love Low 

♥️Assess Your God-Rank 

♥️Admitting & Quitting What You Fear 

♥️Expose Sabotaging Blindspots 

♥️Uproot Rejection & Abandonment (Orphan)

♥️Reject ALL Commonality With Narcissists 

♥️Ways to Discard Unwanted Masculine Energy

Each of you will be granted a private inner child soul session with me. It will be my pleasure to partner with you and the Holy Spirit in locating and freeing your wounded inner princess. 


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