Are you tired of sitting perplexed after having a standout dream? Have you EVER found yourself searching to consult someone after having a dream that jumps out at you? 

STRESS yourself no longer. I have put together a Masterclass that’s designed to help equip you to interpret most of your dreams without assistance. There is a method to dream interpretation and I would like to share it with you. 

In this Masterclass two part, five hour class, you will learn biblical supported truths, symbols and methods that will help you gain spiritual independence through strengthening your ability to interpret what the spirit realm is saying to you! 

       The class will address the following :

💤What’s the BIG deal about dreams?!

💤Who’s Talking To Me In My Dreams & Why?

💤HELP, I Can’t Remember My Dreams.

💤Strategy to Remembering My Dreams. 

💤I Remember My Dreams, Now What?!

💤10 Basic Dream Symbols that EVERY believer Should Know.

💤25 Types of  Dreams Believers Should NOT Ignore! 

💤 Which Dreams Can Be Canceled & Which Can’t?

💤 Dream Dissecting Strategy that Leads to Accurate Interpretations.

                   THAT’S NOT ALL

No class is complete without demonstration. It’s Application time. This is the part that my former students LOVED! You and your teammates will work together in order to interpret FIVE dreams utilizing class information. $75 investment.

April 29, 2023

10:30amEST – 1:00pmEST

4:00pmEST -6:30pmEST

Register Here

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