Why charge for services?

Marked Faithe Ministries is not a church and she is not a pastor. The Power Pusher is a licensed social worker who ‘specializes’ in deliverance and inner therapy. This is her full time profession. When you work with the Power Pusher, you are working with a trained professional who just happens to be a licensed minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Unlike most, The Power Pusher makes herself available to specialize in your life from the comfort of your home.  She pours out for free but specializes in lives for a fee. Working privately with The Power Pusher is a personal choice.

How should I prepare for deliverance? 

If you ordered tiers 2 or 3, please refer to your confirmation email. 

When will I receive my assessment? 

Please refer to your confirmation email. The assessment link is listed there. 

Do I need to fill out the soul and foundational assessments?

If you ordered tier 3, yes. The assessments are different. Please refer to your confirmation email.

Can I meet with you in person?

Currently, due to COVID-19, the Power Pusher is not accepting in person engagements or appointments. 

Where is the phone number for my call?

Please refer to your confirmation email. Currently all calls are being held via Zoom. Please refer to your confirmation email for the code.

Where is the Zoom Code for my appointment? 

Please refer to your confirmation email.

How do I reschedule a services?

Please refer to your confirmation email. There is a rescheduling option listed. Please note, the system will not accept last minute cancellations. Please contact TPP for any cancellations less than twelve hours before your appointment. A $50 rescheduling fee will apply.

Do you offer complimentary calls?

Currently, The Power Pusher offers complimentary calls via WhatsApp.

Can I be notified of any appointment cancellations so that my appointment can be held sooner? 

The Power Pusher does not provide cancellation services.

Is The Power Pusher A Christian?

Yes, The Power Pusher is a born again believer who believes that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. She believes that the Bible is the inspired and infallible word of God. She believes in the 2nd coming of Christ and in the Fivefold ministry.

Does the Power Pusher incorporate New Age, Witchcraft or Occult practices into her sessions?

Absolutely not! The Power Pusher will NOT incorporate any practices into her sessions that contaminate the atmosphere and cause barriers for the Holy Spirit and angels of God to freely operate. Any symbolic prophetic requests will be thoroughly explained in an effort to defuse any confusion. You will never be asked or encouraged to pray to ancestors, burn sage, burn candles, collect items belonging to another or gather graveyard dirt. The weapons of warfare that The Power Pusher uses are all bible based. Examples: Fire of God, Anointing Oil, Sword of God, Verbal Declarations, Blood of Jesus and The Name of Jesus!

What if I am not sure which service to secure?

In such a case, please contact The Power Pusher via WhatsApp or messenger is Facebook or instagram for input. However, ultimately, the decision is yours?

Why doesn’t the Power Pusher accept prayer requests?

The Power Pusher prays for her followers daily. Understanding her assignment very well, she doesn’t accept individual prayer requests because she teaches and empowers others how to pray and war for themselves. When a person has a pressing need, The Power Pusher will partner with them as THEY ACTIVELY ENGAGE IN PRAYER to shift or bring comfort to their situation. The Power Pusher also offers a weekly prayer call where those who desire prayer can get involved!

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