Inner Princess

The Wounded Inner Princess  Masterclass 

Hey there! Did you know that every woman has an inner child? Well, if you didn’t know before, you know now. Sadly,  in many cases, the inner child is not as emotionally well as she should be. In volume 2 of my most popular series, Love On Your Rank in God, I spill the beans and boy oh boy, the readers fill my inbox with questions 😀! 

Any who, I created a short (1.5 hours) and highly informative Masterclass designed to introduce you to the 7 sabotaging personalities of a wounded inner princess who harasses and sabotages her inner princess. If you dare, bring your focus and raise your expectations. You’ll be surprised which category matches your inner child. 

👧🏾No Boundaries Inner Princess 

👧🏼Hyper Sensitive Inner Princess

👧🏾Depressed Inner Princess

👧🏼Needy Inner Princess

👧🏾Task Master Inner Princess

👧🏼Caretaker  Inner Princess

👧🏾Overly Protective Inner Princess

$25 investment

March 26,2023 @ 5:30pmEST

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