On days that Ministry becomes a bit too demanding, it is my WHY that pushes me to continue. At the foundation of my WHY is my mother, the late, Brenda Parham DesChamps. My mother was one of the smartest and most encouraging women that I’ve ever met. She honored family and was devoted to her church and God. One attribute that stood out to me was her sharp eye for potential. She would do whatever she could to push others into their destiny. She was funny, witty and could sing a mean alto :-). She was a great test taker; I admired that about her. She made the best potato salad and macaroni and cheese. She loved her community and friends. She was very dependable and consistent.

Unbeknownst to most, at her core, my mother was wounded and tormented by a past trauma that was never properly addressed and as a result, robbed her of experiencing her best quality of life. I observed and experienced things concerning my mother that would surprise many. Now that I’m a deliverance minister and possess an in-depth understanding of inner therapy, I process her life through a more informed lens. My beautiful power pushing mother was plagued by sickness and disease, coupled with debilitating depression that was irritated by her unaddressed soul wounds. I am convinced that the mixture led to her premature departure from this world. 

Years after her death, I walked one of my siblings through deliverance and an ancestral spirit manifested. The spirit confirmed my suspicion that they tormented my mother and killed her before I arose to a place of knowledge and authority that I could share. They mocked that they knew who I was the entire time and in fact, came very close to causing me to commit suicide. God’s intervention saved my life thusly giving me time to increase in knowledge.

I am sadden because our mother/daughter relationship was robbed. There is not a day that goes by that I do not regret that I did not possess my current knowledge then. There is NO DOUBT in my heart that my mother would still be alive. Regrettably, there is nothing that I can do to bring my mother back. However, her story fuels me to fight for the spiritually-ignorant and oppressed by exposing the kingdom of darkness every chance that I get. I will tell the story that my mother couldn’t. I will spend my life serving those whom I’ve been predestined by God to help attain spiritual freedom. To God’s glory, I am now beginning to reap the benefits of the things stolen from her. When my life is over, I look forward to being reunited with her in the sweet by and by. ❤️

Markeida Faithe, LICSW

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