Mom ❤️Daughter

Wow! Where was this Masterclass when my mother was alive? This beautiful and therapeutic Masterclass is an answer to prayer for mothers and daughters all around the world who desire a deeper and much closer relationship with each other. Get your heart and tissue ready because we are going deep. By the end of this two day soul class:

🧡 Forgiveness will reign supreme

♥️Family history will be explored & understood

🧡 Unspoken expectations will be heard

♥️ Healthy Communication will be desired

🧡 The connect will become strengthened 

♥️ The bond will become healthy & unbreakable

🧡 You will understand your love languages

My heart aches because the majority of my clients express mother/daughter hurt. Even so, I am absolutely blessed and thrilled that I am being used to bring solutions and healing. As a therapist and lover of Jesus Christ, I am very passionate about this class. It’s Holy Spirit led for sure. The exercises that I have planned are guaranteed to shift your bond with your mother/daughter for the better. It’s an honor and blessing to seize the opportunity  to reclaim and/or simply strengthen your God given mother/daughter bond for God’s glory.

              When: April 15 & 16 

              Time: 2:00pmEST –  5:00pmEST

Due to the nature and intensity of this class, I can accommodate more than five mother daughter teams. $175 investment per team

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