Mr. Jezebel


To meet and experience a Narcissist is to meet and experience the spirit of Jezebel.  What if I told you that this Masterclass is GUARANTEED to help you kill within what makes you attractive to the soul devaluing spirit that narcissists possess? You many think that it’s your heart that attracts the narcissist. NOT exactly. It’s something else and in most cases, you’re blind to it. No worries. The answer and remedy rests in the WHY you attract and entertain NARCS even AFTER the red flags. 

As a licensed therapist, deliverance minister and sold out campaigner for Christ, I can assure you that this Masterclass will soar beyond just sharing information that you can read anywhere. This will also be a healing AND deliverance event. 🙌🏾🧡🙌🏾

If you bring your focus and honesty, you will NOT leave the same. 🧡 You will walk away with the confidence  that you will not repeat the dysfunctional relational cycles from the past.

😮Cycles of being used in relationships

😮History of choosing Narcissists

😮An addiction to bad boys  

😮Experiences of relational physical, emotional & verbal abuse 

😮The silent treatment 

😮Withholding of love

Let’s face it. Every time that you fall prey to the  wooing tactics of a narcissist, time reveals 

their motives and they are never in your favor. 

Once the Narcissist  demeans the true value of your worth, they discard you, and when they do, a piece of you dies each time. There is nothing worse than belong left in a state where you  are left fighting to recapture yourself while watching the NARC move on as if you never existed. 😭

✔️gas lighting 




Don’t second guess it. This is the class for you if you are willing to eradicate all commonality with the NARC. It’s time for the cycle of falling prey to the cunning Narcissistic Jezebel spirit to end. 

✔️Jezebel & Python network

✔️Familiar spirit, familiar cycle

✔️Bloodline Narc Attraction 

✔️NARCS see what you don’t see 

✔️Empath blind spots 

✔️Social Worker’s complex

✔️The anointing attracts 

✔️Interference from the inner child 

✔️Embarrassment, dishonor & shame 

Join the Power Pusher for a time of equipping, repentance, healing and renewal. 

May 21st, 2:00pmEST – 5:00pmEST via Zoom

💫This Masterclass will be a healing and deliverance event. Please do not join if you can’t give 100% focus. I also encourage you to fast on the 14th and come with GREAT expectation. 💫

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