As a licensed minister, AND social worker whose specialty is community mental health, I have a lot to say AND offer the inner-child in you! 🚀 ♥️I am ELATED to introduce Patreon SOUL!♥️

Patreon SOUL is a monthly subscription where I am committed to helping you slowly but surely, minister to and coach your soul into a place of wholeness.

The monthly subscription fee is $14.99 and includes:
Private Soul Forum (Facebook,required)
1 Monthly Soul Sunday Zoom Call (3rd Sunday)
10% off Personal Soul Sessions
Powerful Soul Drops Throughout the Month

        Ideal Patreon SOUL Members:

♥️ Those who are serious about healing
♥️ Those who need healing maintenance
♥️ Those who want a feel for TPP’s teaching style
♥️ Those who desire to sow into TPP’s ministry
♥️Those who need weekly Soul motivation
♥️ Those who need emotional healing but don’t know where to start
♥️Those who desire to be apart of a positive community of believers who understand that their prosperity AND health is tied to the health of their soul

Monthly Subscription (Register Here)

Monthly Subscription Register Here