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¬†The PūüĒ•wer PusheR.

I am licensed, master’s level social worker, trained spiritual warfare strategists and deliverance minister.¬†My therapeutic approach is that no two persons are the same and as a result, no two cases are the same and neither is their solution. You can rest assured knowing that your solution will NEVER fall into the cookie cutter category.¬†I offer several SPECIALTY SERVICES where it is my commitment to SPECIALIZE in your life. And the best part is that you get to experience various levels of FREEDOM from the comfort of your own home.

I understand that inner- freedom is not limited by space and time. I also understand that inner-freedom is a process.¬†I allow the Holy Spirit, experience and my social work skills to speak to me about YOUR case and YOUR solution! Operating as, The PūüĒ•wer Pusher, my assignment is to push the power that is ALREADY working in you from the back to the forefront so that you can live your John 10:10 life NOW!


Specialty SERVICES:


Dear Heart, if you are wondering where to start and you’re interested in deliverance, I suggest that you start here!¬†My infamous foundational assessment questionnaire (100 questions) has been administered to more than 500 people nation wide.¬†The assessment is strategically designed to identify problematic demonic foundational issues, how they got there and what issues they’re causing in your life and on your bloodline.

The foundational assessment is infused with key questions that inquire about your family history, past relationships, traumas, dreams and bloodline’s/personal involvement in demonic activities. The questions will root out the strongman and strongholds that are preventing you from breaking free and breaking forth in life.¬†Upon registrating, you will immediately be sent the assessment to the email account that you registered with. The assessment includes a 60 minute follow-up call with TPP where we will go over the results together.

The Power Pusher Will Assess Your Assessment Answers And E-mail The Findings And Recommendations Via E-mail Within 72 Hours.
60 Minute Telephone Session Designed to Go Through Assessment Results
Findings & Recommendations Emailed Within 72 Hours.
90 Minute Telephone Session Designed To Go Through Assessment Results
Pray Prayers of Renunciation In Eight Stronghold Areas
Findings & Recommendations Along  With A Copy Of The Eight Prayers Of Renunciation Emailed Within 72 Hours.

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Perhaps you are not interested in deliverance but you do realize that you have signs of ¬†some of the following inner conflicts: rejection, abandonment, soul ties, unforgiveness,¬†resentment, paranoia, anger, isolation, low-self worth, inability to trust, anger towards God, anxiety, depression and other inner issues that you’d like to address from the comfort of your home.

Perhaps you’ve walked through deliverance in the past and you desire additional soul work. Whatever the motive, this assessment is designed to pressure the issues to the forefront by fishing out their root cause.

One of my most favorite scriptures can be found in 3 John: 2 ~ Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. As you just read, your prosperity is directly linked to your soul health. The healthier the soul, the healthier your life will be.

The purpose of this 75 questions soul assessment is to help assess and address the health state of your soul through careful soul work. I will lovingly walk you through the process of breaking the hold utilizing spiritual and social work techniques. Please allot three hours for the first session and 45 minutes for the two weekly follow-up sessions.

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Distance is NOT a barrier in the realm of the spirit. When you know that you need deliverance and privacy and convenience is of importance to you, RELAX! You can now experience private deliverance and inner- therapy from the privacy of your home via Zoom. Zoom is a powerful app that affords the opportunity for you to see me and I you.

The Comprehensive Private Deliverance & Inner- Therapy Package Includes:
Foundational Assessment 
Findings & Recommendations Emailed Within 72 Hours. 
3 to $ Hour Deliverance & Soul Session 
(3) 60 Minute Follow-Up Soul & Deliverance Sessions 
Soul Assessment (Emailed After Conclusion Of First Session)

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There are times when there is absolutely nothing wrong besides the cry of your destiny thirsting for clear and decisive strategy in order to strategically and successfully move from one place to a higher place in life. I got you! Let’s converse and develop a clear and attainable 3 step plan of action designed to address and successfully SLAY your case. Let’s get what God has put inside of you out of you!

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Listen! I don’t care how strong you are, sometimes you just need a voice of wisdom and reasoning to listen to you. From the heart of a social worker and minister, it is my pleasure to speak calm into your storm. There is nothing like having unbiased guidance to support you when you have no one else, need privacy or others are too busy to support you. Use this call in order to vent, seek counsel or spiritual warfare strategy from yours truly, Social Worker, Minister and Spiritual Warfare Strategist! 

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