“I seemingly stumbled upon Min. Faithe one night on FB Live. For some reason, I stopped and listened. I have been gleaning from her experience and knowledge for over 2 months now. Can you say Holy Spirit set up? I had began a reset in my life 8 months prior, but I was still stuck spiritually. After I listened to Min. Faithe, I messaged her immediately. Guess what class she was offering? RESET So, I signed up that night and was explaining to her that I had some cracks in my foundation. I had no idea that “repairing the cracks in your foundation” is one of her main goals.  Needless to say, I am so glad that I walked this journey out with Min. Faithe. I will try to keep this brief, but my whole life has changed. 1. I learned how to pray strategically. 2. I am not in pain 24/7 anymore.”

I can go to the office the required once a week. My coworkers are in shock. I can shop for groceries without being in excruciating pain. I don’t need a wheelchair or extra time to move around the airport. I am losing weight too without any major effort. 3. I am free from sexual perversion. 4. I am free to move forward in my gifts and callings. 5. My mind and spirit are open to receive witty ideas. I am willing to accomplish my God given service to the world without fear. 6. My home is cleaner and more organized. 7. I am free to worship again. I had many soul wounds, especially from church, family, and past relationships. I’m learning to deal with them as they are. 8. I obey God more. I can honestly say that I got my purpose locked in and the power to fulfill it by gleaning from the Purpose/Power Pusher. Thank you so much! I love you to life. I see Amos 9:13-15 MSG happening for Min. Faithe and many of those who choose to walk with her on this journey. If you want more than a momentary thrill in church, I dare you to connect to this woman of God. Yes, she will push you, so if you are not ready don’t waste your time.” T.C. Sing

Prior to being divinely connected to RESET (“PP”- Minister Faithe), I often felt like I was being blocked, or hindered in some areas of my life, but didn’t know why. The tools and resources provided by Minister Faithe were and are invaluable. The atmosphere is safe (take off the mask, the lashes and mascara you won’t need it). Minister Faithe teaches, pours in and pushes you (not baby you) to identify the cracks in your foundation (all of it, truthfully), as you get delivered and set free from spiritual bondage/captivity. This class challenged me as a believer to learn how to openly reveal the cracks in my foundation in order to get delivered from what was holding me hostage (spiritually), Fight back with the weapons of warfare, “Grow up/Come up and take authority”, “Breakthrough for real” and “Soar”. Today I am more empowered than I’ve ever been. I AM, walking/talking in the boldness of my God given inheritance, Authority, and PURPOSE. This is a “process”, worth all it has to offer. Though, I am in “spiritual rehab”, I am awake from my slumber, moving forward in my purpose, equipped to defeat the true enemy, and FREE INDEED!. Thank you mighty Woman of God, Minster Faithe for answering the call and saying yes to your purpose! #Generationalcursebreaker.” Tiffany Bingham

 “I am so glad that I’m free from all of the demonic spirits that were operating in me. After my deliverance last night it was amazing and I felt the weight literally lift off of me as the demons were commanded to go in the name of Jesus. All glory goes to God and also thanks to minister Faithe and everyone else who help with my deliverance. I’M FREE PRAISE THE LORD I’M FREE.”  Yvette Rhodes

“Praise God for you Minister Faithe. You are such a blessing because I am very blessed to be on this spiritual journey with you and everyone here determined to spark a change. I’ve learned so much in such a short time and I know I will continue to learn so much more. Ever since my assessment I’ve been visited and bothered. My dreams have become even more vivid horror films. Yet each morning, though I wake up doing battle, I start my day in peace giving God the honor and the glory. I am thankful that God brought you into my life and that I get to witness your love and care for His children.” Sharlene John

​”Tonight!!! Class was in session, we went to a whole new dimension, and supernatural spirit realm, the line was filled with the Holy Ghost. The anointing was all over the line, we were set free and learned how to tap into our power and authority God has giving us. We are walking in overflow. GOD says yes and Amen. What you think is what will be. God says yes for us!!!! We have to believe his word. We are set free and delivered. MIN. FAITHE is highly anointed and called by the most high God! I can’t explain how her classes and coaching has changed my life and helped me to walk in authority, purpose, and deliverance. I have been surrounded by miracles, signs and wonders!!! In Jesus Name.” Eboni Rufus

​”Minister Faithe thank you for being a transparent yielded vessel of honor that God can use. Thank you for your faithfulness and patience . I sit and gleam from your fields. Your selfless and non-controlling ways with the things of God has brought healing to my soul. I pray His many blessing over your life.” Kwana Smith

“Minister Faithe teachings are life changing! I believe that knowledge is power & her teachings have given me that power. Now I know what Im dealing with when I’m warring in the spirit. “My people parish because of lack of knowledge” That scripture, no longer applies to me because Minister Faithe used by the holy spirit has given me tools & resources that have empowered me to fight the enemy.” Sizakele Mdluli

“When GOD sent the Power Pusher into my life two months ago, it was my saving grace. To make a long story short, I am a believer, but I was BROKEN AND MY PRAYER LIFE WAS JUST AS BROKEN…..BUT THE MINUTE GOD ALLOWED HER TO MINISTER, IT CHANGED EVERYTHING. I NEEDED HER THEN AND NEED HER NOW!!! SINCE THEN MY PRAYER LIFE IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL…..Generational cycles are breaking…..Warfare has become a lifestyle!! I AM SEEING DEMONS FLEE….I REALLY AM!!!! OMG…PEACE….I WAIT…” Tynisha Menchan

“Before I found the Power Pusher, God began opening my eyes to a lot of things around me. However I didn’t have the knowledge or the weapons to fight against what was going on with me. Then he led me to the Power Pusher. She taught me so much about spiritual warfare and that I was truly a mess. I thought I had it together, but after going through her reset class and peeling back the layers I found that I still was holding on to forgiveness and being lukewarm. She challenged me to clear my stage and develop a more intimate relationship with God. I lost some things along the way, but what I gained I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. That’s my freedom and my deliverance.” Veronica Renee​

“I have followed the Power Pusher for quite some time now. My life has forever been changed for the better and is being maintained. My prayer life has increased with the understanding on how to strategically pray, how to break those barriers, and spiritual warfare. Those who hadn’t connected with her, is certainly missing a Godly treat. She’s consistent, knowledgeable, and strategic on the work God has placed in her to deliver to His people.Once you start, you will come back.” Sarah Pollard

“Hi purpose pusher, love what you are doing and may God continue to bless you. I have a question about something that i hope you have knowledge about. Do spiritual husbands exist and how do they come in a person’s life? What harm do they do to a person spiritually and physically? Where in the bible is this mentioned and is thisthe cause that can prevent a woman from getting married? Thank you.” MaroLyn

“This ministry has blessed me beyond words! It has been 6 months since I met TPP.. My life has done a 180. When I met Min Faithe. I was completely devastated. I just lost my job. My marriage was over and to top it off I had to move from my house with my son. Emotionally drained had low self worth and was constantly hearing word curses from those I loved. Can I tell u that this MINISTRY GAVE ME LIFE. God has used this ministry to free my spirit so I can now be the woman God chose me to be. Six months and even people around me say they don’t know what’s going on but I SEE GOD OVER YOU. I have been DELIVERED…from the shame of my past .. Not knowing I had so much baggage that weighed me down… I can see clearer. I can prayer more strategically n call on those HEAVENLY ANGELS… I am so happy God led me here. You won’t regret the day you met this beautiful spirit MIN Faithe DesChamps US A TRUE GEM IN THE KINGDOM… Highly recommended🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥STRAP UP AND GET READY TO DO SOME WORK BUT KNOW GOD GOT U! Moment of Reflection🤔 Kenyatta Johnson

​”I thank God for never leaving or forsaking me! HE wants the BEST for me and for all his children! This class has really blessed my heart, soul, and mind. I admire that Minister Faithe is exemplifying strong leadership qualities for the Kingdom of Heaven by being a woman of order, protocol, justice, and love. I haven’t had good role models in my life to show me the way that leads to God’s promise because they too have cracks so I don’t blame them. However, I see Minister Faithe as a role model who is TRANSPARENT and TRUTHFUL. I look up to her because it shows me what it takes to lead and how I must conduct myself i.e. in authority, grace, humility, and repentance. She has a heart for the people. She really wants to see us all WIN and walk in VICTORY. She doesn’t want to see us continue on this vicious cycle of delay, setback, blockage and bondage. She wants to us to be FREE. God is using her mightily to shatter the chains of the captives. She doesn’t play when it comes to the rubric of the class you must follow through if you expect to see any change. If you do mess up, as I have on more than one occasion, don’t hide or give up in defeat. My mindset is to keep on pressing and pushing forward no matter what I am determined to WIN. This isn’t my first class with Minster Faithe, but my second class and it was AMAZING. The first time I thought “I got this” and ended up running back to go through the process the right way. This time I have been paying attention and really utilizing the resources that I will always reference back to when it’s time to REFRESH & RESET!! Minister Faithe is also a resource too. She has so much knowledge, insight and wisdom that really blessed me and opened my eyes to see how important it is to be consistent and to go through the process! She is tough but for the right reasons. I feel a CHANGE in me and people sense and see it to and I owe it all to God and to Minister Faithe’s obedience to the leading of the Lord! When I compare the two courses, I realize how much God really loves me and how the leading of the Holy Spirit tailors the class to fit the needs of those who are enrolled. Won’t HE do it! God’s love is so deep I haven’t fully wrapped my head around it! Please take the class and let God show you who He really is and how HE has been ready to nail all of your troubles to the cross. Jesus paid it all so we can all live a life restoration. Thank you Minister Faithe and I look forward to many more classes because there is always room for improvement and growth. God Bless You.” Stacy Benoit

“I was taught that there is no “testimony without a test’; and Your testimony is often a ‘learning lesson’ for others. I completed Reset, Now or Never last week with Minister Faithe. It is by no coincidence that I ‘stumbled’ upon the ‘Purpose Pushers’ Page right before the class was to begin. In her class I learned to ‘quiet down’ and listen. I’ve seen and done ‘religion’, but there are few and far between people teaching ‘relationship’. She taught things that people of God are either ignorant of or choose not to teach and their followers continue to live in ‘bondage’. As a ‘Child of the most High’ you should have a certain ‘flavor’ Matthew 5 -13 says ‘what good is salt if it has lost its flavor’. You should have a certain ‘Inner Light’ but because of the cares of the world and just everyday living that light grows dimmer and dimmer. The Purpose Pusher came and taught me how to CLEAN out this ‘House’, this ‘Vessel’ so that I may receive ALL that my ‘Daddy’ has for me. I will say again this class is NOT about religion but ALL about relationship. I am SO THANKFUL for you Minster Faithe for ‘walking me through Deliverance’ and Resetting me! Much Love ❤ and I’m asking Our Daddy’ to continue to give you the Strength, Stamina and Passion to teach the captives that they can be Free.” Stacey Marshall

“For those of you who are seriously thinking about take the reset class I would just like to say trust the process. If Minister faithe tells you something according to her discernment trust what she is telling you. I’ll just give you a piece of my testimony. Doing my assessment she told me that I have witchcraft on my bloodline and I didn’t know where she was pulling that from. I didn’t quite buy into it but I trusted the process because I know it was only God that sent me to her. Lo and behold a couple weeks later God exposed what she said and it was confirmed by a family member. My mother was into witchcraft prior to giving herself totally to God. That is only a piece of what has occurred in my life over the last 4 weeks. I have experienced so much freedom in my mind and in my spirit life then I have the entire time I have been saved in my adulthood. My children’s lives have been changed. my household has been changed and I am now equipped to fight in the spiritual Realm because of what I was taught. I am definitely taking every class she offers. I am now hungry for more especially since these are things churches are not teaching at all or any more. It opens your eyes to see things that were there all the time but spiritually you were not able to see or hear it. I have been delivered from the spirit of anger, a spirit husband, a Jezebel spirit, Spirit of perversion, rejection, and the list goes. My soul wounds have all withered and died. My outlook on life has changed for the better and I wouldn’t trade this feeling for the world! This was the best decision I have made in years.” Akeisha Lewis

​​”I almost forgot to mention the results of taking the Reset: Now or Never class. I feel so much better. I feel so confident and worthy of God’s love. I feel so energized. I no longer wake up tired and beaten up. Which is good because I just started a new job. Praise God! I have started losing weight. My finances are coming together. Most of all, I’m starting to dream and set goals for myself. I’m not just living day to day. My future is limitless. Thank you for your labor of love. Purpose Pusher! I don’t even know where to begin to describe how the Purpose Pusher made such an impact in my life. I came across her videos on day while scrolling through Facebook. She was on one of my former coworkers post. The first one I watched was titled ‘Spirit Husband’. Then I started watching more and more videos. (seems like she was speaking directly to me). My spirit was stirred up. You see my life was a hot pink mess. Broken relationships, broken engagement, broken marriage, broken dreams, broken finances, and broken dreams all equal to a broken spirit in my life. I wanted change. I was tired of the same things happening in my life over and over again. Even being a minister, saved, and trying to live holy for years. Felt like I was going in circles. Something wasn’t right! I made up in my mind this year for my birthday I was going to treated myself. Investing in my self was hard because I’m a single parent with one of my children getting ready for college. So you know that takes money. My birthday day present to myself was signing up for the foundational assessment and the Reset, Now or Never class. It was a sacrifice but worth every penny and more. The Purpose Pusher was sent by God at this very moment for me. She encouraged me, got to the root of the matter, helped to cast out evil spirits (that I didn’t even know were there) and taught me how to fight spiritual warfare. She’s is wonderful and amazing. I’m so glad God brought her into my life. That I wish I could keep her all to myself, but I know I have to share her with the world. Because. God has to use her to set more people free. Since taking her first class (also currently enrolled in Unmasking the Supernatural) I’m hooked. I’m thirsty to find out all the information I can about spiritual warfare. So that I can help people, just like she helped me. Her name says it all; she will walk you into your purpose with God. Walk by faith.” Jocelyn Wright

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