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Thank you for your interest in registering for the MOST POWERFUL class on the face of the planet, Excuse Me While I Shift. This class is the most powerful class on the face of the planet because it addresses the heart of the matter, your foundation. You can’t successfully build your life on an unstable foundation sponsored by the enemy of God, Satan.

Like so many, I once found myself serving God while sensing that there had to be more to my Christian journey. I was not experiencing the freedom as described in John 10:10. Unfortunately, it took some embarrassing and humbling events to bring me face to face with my inner struggles and failures. When I cried out to God, He pointed to my cracked foundation and informed me that spiritual warfare was the answer to my breaking free from the root up! I was SHOCKED to learn that most of my difficulties in life had very little to do with me but more to do with some of my ancestor’s scandalous behaviors.

As I studied resources on spiritual warfare, I soon began to understand why I kept coming close to victory in various areas of my life but could NEVER attain the prize. I learned why I received drops of blessings but was rarely granted full fledge, mind blowing breakthroughs. You see, while growing up, I always sensed that there were parameters around my life. Hear me when I tell you, I knew that there was something unseen working against me but I wasn’t sure what. After all, I was taught that accepting Christ would automatically make everything better and more than likely, so were you! I never learned in any religious setting the cynical role that the enemy of Christ plays in derailing destinies. Thankfully, through my tears, God led me to transformational information that empowered me to develop strategies of freedom. It was a process but I broke free and as a result, I’m FREE!

  • I live a life of joy, peace and total surrender to God without interruption. 
  • I broke free financially; the spirit of poverty was eradicated from my life.
  • Soul ties were broken from my life that had previously kept me entangled.
  • I was delivered and healed from a generational spirit of rejection.
  • The spirit husband was eradicated from my life.
  • Things that were spiritually stolen from me have and are still returning.
  • I was delivered from sexual perversion. 
  • My relationship with myself and others improved drastically.
  •  I now know what to do with bad AND good dreams!

Learn From the Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!

My loves, spiritual warfare is not a new term and neither am I the only person teaching on the subject matter. However, I am one of very few equipped to not only teach on the matter but to coach you through to breakthrough. I have taught over 50 classes of this nature and have helped individuals from all walks of life break free.

My job is to SPECIALIZE IN YOUR LIFE! I am dedicated to PERSONALLY COACHING you into a place of wholeness utilizing the same information that TOTALLY transformed my life by choking out my root problems. 

Together We Will

  • Identify the cracks in your foundation
  • Identify the origin of the cracks
  • Identify and renounce legal rights
  • Attain some inner healing from: rejection, abandonment, trauma, soul wounds, soul ties, unforgiveness, anger, resentment, bitterness and self-sabotage
  • Attain freedom from various addictions o
  • Eradicate marital, financial, educational and advancement blocking spirits 

Six-Weeks with the Power Pusher Includes: 

  • 1. Administration of the foundational assessment (if you’ve not already taken it) that’s designed to locate the cracks in your bloodline and personal life. The assessment will prepare you for deliverance and pinpoint what dark powers are in operation in your life, as well as, identify how they got there.
  • Layers of group deliverance and one PRIVATE deliverance session. The private deliverance session will take place within the last two weeks of the class.
  • “Weekly” interactive class via Zoom.
    (Thursdays 7:30pm-930pm)
  • Access to a private support forum
  • One (daily) spiritual warfare resource. The resources will help strengthen your mindset and help you grow spiritually. Active participation is MANDATORY. You MUST respond to each resource DAILY by midnight EST or you will be removed from the class.
  • You will be granted one private fifteen minutes Power Pusher coaching call where you can express any concerns, or ask for strategy. 
  • In the forum, you will have access to the Power Pusher including, pop-in Facebook live appearances that will help to ensure your success.  
  • Every Wednesday Night is Movie Night! 😉 You will get to see Spiritual Warfare in action! Wednesday Night Live🍿📽

✔️Two Month Commitment of $155 ( you will be billed upon registration and May 4, 2023)

✔️WEEKLY (Two Hour Classes)

✔️Stable Time (Thursdays 7:30pm-930pm)

✔️Start Date 4/13/23

✔️End Date  5/18/23

   All Sessions Will Be Held Via Zoom. 

Class Topics: 

⚔️Let’s meticulously Examine Your Life for demonic activity & Explore the Power behind Jesus’ Death Burial & Resurrection that’s available to you.

⚔️Let’s explore the Signs of demonic oppression & Find the Root of their legal rights in your life. (Deliverance)

⚔️It’s time to Unpack the spirits behind: Reject, Dishonor, Disgrace, Jezebel, Leviathan, Python, Baal, Lodebar, Limbo, Perversion, Delay, Poverty & Shame (Deliverance)

⚔️ Let’s talk about WHY demons love the holes in Your Soul & Your wounded inner child. (Healing & Deliverance)

⚔️Exposing and Eradicating Witchcraft. Let’s expose WHY your prayers MUST be violent. (Deliverance)

⚔️ Eradicating Demonic Dreams & ways to maintain your deliverance.

Bonus Forum Teachings: Discovering 25 powerful weapons of warfare and when to use them * Understanding the 8 prayer watches and when to use which. * The writing and sharing of your new testament story.


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