Resurrection Declaration

I decree and declare that the same resurrection power that raised JESUS Christ from the dead is still alive and working in me. 

As a friend of God and heir to His throne, I command every dead area in my life to RESURRECT, NOW! 
My season of death and barrenness ends, Now!
As Jehovah’s footman and ambassador in the earth realm, I command every deceased area in the lives of my family members and friends to RESURRECT, NOW!
Nothing in my life and in the lives of those associated with me is allowed to die without Jehovah’s consent. All evil pronouncements of death over my life and anyone connected to me, be served with a decree signed, sealed and delivered by the Holy Spirit decreeing that we shall LIVE and NOT die. 
WHEREVER I direct the resurrection power to go, it shall be catapulted by the fire of God and accomplish the work, NOW! 
Troubled marriages, RESURRECT, NOW.
Bad health, RESURRECT, NOW.
Joblessness, RESURRECT, NOW.
Wayward child, RESURRECT, NOW.
Clarity of thought, RESURRECT, NOW.
Shattered dreams, RESURRECT, NOW.
Broken promises, RESURRECT, NOW.
Creativity, RESURRECT, NOW.
Spiritual zeal, RESURRECT, NOW.
Relentless pursuit of God, RESURRECT, NOW.
Faith, hope and love, RESURRECT, NOW.
Fruit of the womb, RESURRECT, NOW.
Contentment and joy, RESURRECT, NOW.
Abundant life, RESURRECT, NOW.
Prophetic pronouncements, RESURRECT, NOW.
Amen and Amen
Minister Faithe
The Purpose Pusher


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