A Proven Power Deflater


 Have you ever met that one person who was determined not to like you no matter what? I have and more times than I care to acknowledge. Late in life I found the most liberating response EVER! 

One day it dawned on me to give people permission to dislike me. As I stated in a previous post, no one is everyone’s cup of tea. And guess what, IT’S OK! When I gave the first person permission not to like me something incredible occurred. I had unknowingly stripped them of their power and they left me alone. Shockingly, at a later date, they apologized and we developed a cordial relationship. This became a reoccurring event.

Game Changers, stop fretting over who doesn’t like you. 😃 Give them permission not to and SNATCH AWAY THEIR “PERCEIVED” POWER OVER YOU.

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